Sunday, June 20, 2010

School Talent Show

One of the end of he year things that our school always does is a talent show. It is really for 4th, 5ht and 6th graders, but the younger kids can try out if they want to. Audrey and her friend Gracie tried out .... and made it in :)
Aren't they both so cute? How could they not get in?? :)

So Gracie sung this cute little song called Honey Bee by a new artist Zee Avi. She did a GREAT job. They were only allowed to sing with background music, no one else singing with them, and she practiced so hard and did great! Audrey danced to the song, and she too did great. Audrey, Josie and I choreographed the dance together, and Audrey really only had a week to learn it because she had a big studio performance just the Saturday before! For a 7 year old with less than a week to practice she did very well! You can check out the video in the next post (because I still can't figure out how to embed the videos :) ). Make sure you scroll down and pause the page music so you can hear Gracie singing!

One of Nat's new In Home Counselors came with us, and Nat did great too! No major melt downs like we had Monday night, although he did spin at home before bed. But all in all much better than most school activity nights!

And of course, after the show Audrey had to pose for pictures with EVERYONE, she is SUCH the entertainer, through and through to the promotional picture poses! Silly girl. Nat was actually thrilled to be there and grinning ear to ear most of the night, but REFUSED when Audrey wanted a picture with him!

Kaia on the other hand was more than happy to pose for a picture with Audrey :)

Congratulations Gracie and Audrey! You both did FABULOUS!!!