Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Babies on the brain...

We have had babies on the brain over here recently!!

Nathaniel *LOVES* babies...
Totally, utterly *LOVES* all babies!
He always asks to hold whatever baby he sees.

He loves on Bella at church.
He begs me to invite Claire and her mommy over so he can hold Claire.

(this is Nat holding Claire in September. He is such a great baby helper!)
 (and beings as Nat had fun shoelaces to play with Claire didn't seem to mind being held!)
(and here is Nat loving on darling Carly in August)

We were fortunate enough to get to love on Claire recently, but that does not seem to be enough for Nathaniel. He keeps asking me for a baby sister for Christmas. And that seems to be his answer to everyone who asks what he wants for Christmas, a baby sister. I find it hilarious that he is only asking for a sister, not a brother, only a sister. But I am also having a very hard time explaining to him that a baby sister is not possible for Christmas. Let me count the ways that it is not possible... umm... it's a little too late to start on that gift, and even if the timing weren't the problem it's not like there is a man anywhere remotely close to my life! And the kicker is, I LOVE babies too. There is nothing I would like more than a Godly husband and a growing family, but I know that is not the path God has called me to. So it breaks my heart into a million pieces every time he insists that the ONLY thing he wants for Christmas is a baby sister.

So that is how Nathaniel has had babies on the brain, but I have had babies on the brain too! I made a prayer quilt for a darling child of God born with a few struggles not long ago, and I am knee deep in a special birth quilt for one of my best friends who is expecting his first child any day now. I have poured my heart into these precious quilts, and as happy as I am to do it, part of me is still (yes, still 7 years latter..) mourning the fact that I won't get to do this for another of my own. Crazy emotional times here!

So we have babies on the brain and the heart over here.... so if you have one that you want to share you know where to come!