Friday, November 5, 2010

Give Thanks!

It has been a while since I have carved out the time to blog...

It has been CRAZY busy with  getting the store closed and things wrapped up there.

I feel like a tornado has hit my brain!

There is so much I want to do, but I seem to walking around in a fog of "what the heck??"

I will catch you all up on the happening around here, and even find the Halloween pictures!, but first I wanted to show you what I made last night....

I am REALLY excited about this CUTE project...

Not only is it super cute BUT I get to use it to teach my kids about being thankful and blessings in their lives this month. My kids are good with this, but who can't use a little more focus on the good things we have in life? I am so excited about this!

And just in case you thought I came up with all of this brilliance on my own...

I did NOT!!!

I stole it fair and squares from THIS darling blog friend of mine. 

Her's is so cute too, hu?

When I saw it and I knew she was making kits to share with her crafting friends I emailed her right away to see if she had any kits left that I could buy off of her...

And God saved one special for me :)

Thank you Lisa for all the HARD work you put into this AND for sharing with me :)

I have all the beauty without the trigger finger!

Now I just have to wait for all the glue to dry so I can hang it....

Back soon with Halloween pictures and a life update :)

Oh... and the CELEBRATION news!!!! :)