Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dancing Treats

Audrey and Josie used to dance ALL THE TIME and they LOVED being involved in our local dance studio, but then the studio in our town closed, and the studios in surrounding towns are so much more expensive so we have not been able to re enroll them anywhere. Audrey has been missing dance BIG TIME and begs me often to go to classes again, but it just is not in the financial plan right now.

Well, one of the agencies we work with offered a free two day class last weekend, so I quickly signed Audrey up as a special treat. Her brother's care and medical bills are just so high, I hardly ever have money to do treats with her, so even though the timing was awful for me, I made this class work for her. Saturday she was the ONLY one who showed up! So she got a one on one class, which was cool. But I was really impressed with the studio and rates at the studio (I had never heard of this place in all of my researching), so we invited Josie to come with us on Sunday so she could check it out too.
Saturday I was not able to hang out and watch Audrey, but I was able to be there all day Sunday. It was so good to see the girls dancing in a studio setting again!

Notice the difference in the girls? Yea, 7 years age difference! But I felt like this teacher did a GREAT job of teaching to both levels at the same time!

The girls had lots of fun and big smiles on their faces the whole time!
I though the picture of them stretching was just too fun... they all look like little pretzels on the floor!

And another awesome part??? They had brother hang out places too! There was a homework section where he could do homework if he had it, and a huge TV with Wii and Mario Cart.... Nat was in HEAVEN the whole class long!

It was a great experience for all of us!

And since it has been a LONG TIME sine I have shared videos of the girls dancing, here you go!

Keep in mind that they learned this in just 2 hours AND the teacher was teaching to both levels at the same time!

And the second one I got before my battery died....
This one you can see Audrey in MUCH better too...

Like I said ... it was so great to get Audrey back in dance, now I just have to figure out how to squeeze an extra $50-100 out of the monthly budget so I can get her back in dance regularly..... I WISH their father would start paying child support again so we could do this little things, it takes every penny I earn to live on!

Oh well, focusing on the fact that we found somewhere affordable to dance and are ready to go as soon as God shows us where the money can come from!