Sunday, April 17, 2011

First Tee Time is HERE!

My kiddos participate in a wonderful program called First Tee right here in Los Osos and we LOVE!!

First Tee is a golf program aimed at kids 6 to 14 that teaches the game of golf, but also teaches chore life values. I really like how they combine lessons about sportsmanship, respect, and integrity (to name a few) to apply to the game but also how they apply in real life!
The coach here is a great guy with loads of patients, a passion for golf and a heart for kids. He does an amazing job of teaching and encouraging the kids, while unifying them as a group or team. Toni makes it looks so easy, but I KNOW it is not an easy task! On a personal not for our family, the team at LO First Tee has ALWAYS included Nathaniel and do a great job of integrating him, even when he was in his wheelchair all of the last season! It is precious to find programs that my children can participate in together and locally!
Nathaniel and Audrey LOVE practicing their mad golf skills on the REAL golf course, and I like that it is just a few blocks from our home. 
If you are looking for a fun activity for your kids, I HIGHLY recommend First Tee at Sea Pines Golf Course!

We meet on Saturday mornings from 1030 to 1145, let me know if you would like to join us and I can shot you more information!


Jamie said...

Sounds like a really cool program!!