Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Mumbles

Monday Mumbles….

1) Just one day…. Just one day I would like to be able to take a break from ABA (behavior technique) without tantrums, meltdowns and basic living hell. ABA is HARD. I get TIRED at times. And yet, I am ALWAYS on, always have to implement the program and always have to adhere to a STRICT routine…. I love my kid, but at times I just want a day off…..

2) I am SO THANKFUL for dear friends. I walked into the kid’s church room with tears in my eyes yesterday, and my dear friends Brandie and Dan jumped right up to take care of Nathaniel so I could have a touch of peace. Being a single mom is HARD, but there really aren’t words to describe being a single mom with a special kid, and I was out of rope yesterday. I am so thankful for Brandie and Dan and the time of peace they gave me, I don’t know how I could have made it through the day without them!

3) Transitions with my kids are HARD…. Just saying. I know kids have a hard time with change, but then throw in an OCD diagnosis, and life gets fun! I think, from the looks of things so far, this week is going to be a rodeo! Just praying we can hold on through it and fine the rainbow on the other side…

4) My family is so blessed to have had such a wonderful care team this last year. Reb, Jenny and Jen are so dear and important to us. It is going to be heartbreaking to say goodbye to each of them this week, but I know that Katie and Matt are awesome too! We are so blessed to have such wonderful people partnering with our family!

5) Spina Bifida is on my nerves right now. Most days I can deal with it just fine, but today I am SICK of all the laundry it is causing!! For some reason Nathaniel has been wetting through EVERY NIGHT for the past week. I don’t get it, nothing has changed, but every single night he wets through his night diaper and drenches his bed. I even used a diaper doubler last night, and he still got his bed AND mine soaked! Every single blanket on both beds….

6) Days like this I am SO THANKFUL that I have a washer and dryer at HOME. Not everyone has that luxury but I do, and for that I am SO THANKFUL!

7) Homework stinks. Just saying. And homework over the weekend? SUPER STINKS! 

8) I love me garage sales! We were so blessed to have cleaned out some unneeded things and made some GOOD money this weekend! What an awesome tradition… LOVE IT!

9) And as awesome as garage sales are, Freecycle is pretty cool too! I am feeling so good to be decluttered and NOT filling up the landfills! What a great feeling!

10) I am thinking of Spina Bifida awareness jewelry…. Bracelets and Necklaces, that can be personalized…. The images keep playing around in my mind… Would anyone be interested???

Well that is it for my mumbling today… off to go cram 2 days of work into the 4.5 hours the kids are at school today…. Wish me luck!


Robbin said...

What brand of brief diapers do you use?

Give 'double diapering' a try. Make a cut in the plastic backing from front to back. It sometimes helps to cut out some of the backing too. Then put it in another diaper to put on.