Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March Craft Day!!

I am SO EXCITED to finally have started something that has been on my heart for  LONG time!!!

On the third Saturday of every month I will be hosting a open craft day at Rock Harbor Christian Fellowship. You DO NOT have to be a member at RHCF to attend, you don't even have to be a believer :-) This is an open time for people who love to craft to come together in a safe place and do what they love!

Our first craft day in March was a small group, but we had a blast and are looking forward to next month!

My dear friend Chris joined us and worked on her painting.
In the background is Sandie, who I just met this day, and she worked on some painting/redecorating too!

Faline and Brianna also joined us, and worked on a whole bunch of different little projects. I think Faline brought half of her craft supply with us because she couldn't decided what to do!!

Take a close look at the cute little basket Chris is painting there.... so sweet! I loved that piece!

I was too tired to dig out any of my current projects to work on (we had Spina Bifida clinic the day before craft day) so I started a new project with some fabric I have had a while and have been dreaming of. A little daring on my part since I knew Faline also adores this fabric, but I am excited to make a new quilt for my bed!

For anyone who would like to join us, the next craft day will be April 16th from noon to 5, and childcare IS available on site!!! Please let me know if you would like to join us!

And I will leave you with this adorable painting, also done by Chris....
Isn't she talented???

What have you been working on? Where do you go to work on your creations?