Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wetern Bonanza!

A few weeks ago is was time for Bonanza...
Western Bonanza that is!

Western Bonanza is a local livestock jackpot show put on by the Ag students at Cal Poly (the State University located about 15 miles from our home) and Brianna loves to show in this show!

It was a VERY wet and rainy weekend (it ALWAYS is with Bonanza!) and I was tempted to pass on this show, I was even PLANNING not to go (Nathaniel was in the midst of his most recent health battles, I was tired, and it was COLD!) but then I found out that my grandparents were going to be there. Ugh, if the OLD folks can brave the elements I guess I could too, right? Plus it had been a few months since the kids and I saw my grandparents so we bundled up and headed north to the fair grounds.

We had GREAT timing.

It was POURING when we got to the grounds, but the guy working the gate saw my handicap plaque and parked us RIGHT next to the barns. I was able to unload Nat and his chair under the overhang and then we made a mad dash for the arena... and didn't get too wet! (Even if we had to walk in circles until we found a wheelchair gate, silly Poly student heard about that from my kids!  :) )

We got to the arena and seated about 5 minutes before Brianna walked into the show ring. For anyone who deals with livestock shows, you probably know what a MIRACLE that is.... livestock shows are often and exercise in sitting around and waiting!

Bri and her new show pig

Hanging out in front of the judge is always a good place to be :)

 One of the funny stories of the day was the rain. It was flat pouring most of the time. But on a couple of different occasions I looked out one end of the show arena and it was raining so hard, but then you looked out the opposite end and it was barely drizzling.... so funny the difference a few feet made!

I may be weird, but I thought this was a cute shot of all the booties!

Bri did well showing, even though her new pig is TINY and was always the smallest one in the ring!

Audrey LOVES the pig too! 
 So she was VERY excited to watch Bri show and meet the new show pig!

 Answering the judges questions and chatting with him is a big part of her score.

Bri didn't place high, but the experience was good and I think she had fun!

Another bonus of the quick day trip is that we got to see Grady!!
And I snuck a picture of him (he is not big on cameras...)
We hadn't seen Grady since Christmas, so it was good to spend some time with him!

And OF COURSE I had to take a few pictures of the kids....

And the kids with their GREAT Grandparents!

Although it was wet, and we were very rushed, it was fun to go and I am glad we decided to at the last second!