Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friendship Walk!

Our school had their annual Friendship Walk recently ...

Nathaniel's class was first up out of my kids... and it was a GOOD thing! Nat was JUST out of his wheelchair from his health struggles, so he was very weak, but he REALLY wanted to walk, not wheel, so we made it work with lots of help!
I think these pictures show the true friendship and teamwork in Nathaniel's classroom! See how everyone was so helpful and encouraging to him? Love it!

Nathaniel finished 9 laps, and I thought that was fabulous, all things considered!

Audrey's class was in the next round of walkers, so off I went to support her! And her brother even hung around and watched her! Now that is some Soares Family Teamwork!

 Go Team Soares!!
Audrey did an AMAZING job and rocked out 17 laps!!

Go Audrey!!!

And together my kids raised over $100.00 for the PTA at their school!

All in all it was a great event !


Jamie said...

That's really cool!