Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Audrey's Project....

Audrey is in the second grade and her class project recently has been writing a report about a night animal. She chose to write about fire flies and did the whole report at school, but the teacher sent home the "art" portion of the report as homework last week.

These "art reports" make me crazy.

 Usually with Nathaniel the fight is to DO the report, as he HATES art. With Audrey I had the opposite problem, she wanted to do TOO MUCH art.... Never easy is it?

Anyways, we googled "fire flies" to see what they looked like and Audrey found this image on yahoo images:

And wanted to recreate this scene.

A little ambitious for a second grader?

But here is her attempt.....

First we spray painted an old Ergo box all black
(mommy HEAVILY assisted with this step!)

Second she cut out a bunch of leaves from black construction paper with glitter in it.
Then she attached the leaves to the box (a little help here) and drew a moon in the sky.

Next she wrote the title on the flap of the box.... in gold gel ink so it was "night sky ish" in her words.

Now, at this point she deemed she was done, but I had a problem.... there were no fireflies!

So we got the modeling clay out and I told her to make fireflies!

The I helped her attach one so it looked like it was flying in the sky...

And we glued the other one onto a leaf....

I might be a bit partial (since this is my favorite artist and all...) but I think it came out pretty awesome!

And the cool thing is that she chose it and created it mostly herself!


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Very cool project! :)