Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I never did get around to posting pictures of our Spring Break trip (because I JUST finished editing them!), but I do want to share them.

For day two of our trip we went to Gilroy Gardens.
This is the view walking in!

If you have never been and you have small children, this is a GREAT place to go.
It's beautiful.
It's clean.
The rides are fun.
The people were nice and helpful.
And it was SUPER wheelchair friendly!
My parents went on this trip with us too, and I think they really enjoyed themselves too!

The kids are excited and ready to start exploring.

This is how beautiful it was everywhere we went in the park. Lush green plants everywhere. Nice and cool, not cold cool but comfortable cool, from all the plants. And when we left we also realized it had been VERY windy that day, but we didn't even notice in the park because it was so protected.

Nat and Audrey LOVED the spinning garlic. We rode this over and over!

See how much she liked it???

They even managed to talk Gramie and Papa into this one a couple of times!

The little worm eating the apple ride was pretty darned cute!

The waterfalls were simple BEAUTIFUL!

You could even walk right under them!

I love water.....

Then the kids took us driving on a very scenic little road...
Audrey drove Gramie and Papa....

And Nat drove me......

Let's just say it is a VERY GOOD thing that neither of them will be old enough to drive on the real roads any time soon!

Oh look... I actually made it into a picture! Amazing....

Live ducks even...
And check out that waterfall.... I paddled Nathaniel out to see it.
They said it would take 7 minutes there and back..... they LIED!
But he loved it, so it's all good!

Wheelchair friendly train.... SCORE!

Some of the views from our train ride. 

I am so proud of this boy... it was a very LONG day, and yet he did NOT melt.
It was so much fun playing with him and him staying in such a great mood!

One Last spin in the garlic....

One last spin on the carousal (mommy has a thing for carousals...)

Last ride of the day,
Seriously! They rolled the doors down when we got off!
And still big smiles on their faces... I count that as a GREAT outing!

And the super cute grandparents picture of the day...
So much fun!
I hope we get a chance to go back before the kids are too big for most of the rides!


Cassie said...

Looks like so much fun! The spinning garlic made me giggle :)

Gretchen said...

Me too Cassie.... me too!

And a little triva for those unfamiliar with Gilroy, CA.... Gilroy touts it's self as the Garlic Capital of the World :) Cracks me up EVERy time we drive past the sign (and we drive past it A LOT since it is on the road to Nat's hospital!)