Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Father's Day around here was a bit....
UN traditional!

For my dad, we made some fresh Thai food and took it to his house to share dinner with him. We had Chicken Pad Thai Noodles, Pineapple Curry with Chicken, rice and for dessert Coconut pudding with fortune cookies (they were cute and coconut, I couldn't resist!)

All week I was feeling very mean spirited to my children's father.

I am so tired of him skirting his responsibilities as a father, as a provider and as a human being, yet claiming to be all of the above.

I am tired of doing all the work of a mother and a father in this family, and getting knocked down at the knees all the time.

But then I realized....

If I thumbed my nose at him and refused to let the kids do anything for him on Father's Day (and Audrey was asking to) then I was sinking to his level, and that is not what God calls me to do. God calls me to rise above his level and be a bigger and better person.

Audrey and I looked around the house, and came up with the supplies to make a miniature candy bouquet for him. Audrey did the drawings and I arranged the candy in a cute fashion and we called it a gift.

Then he came over to get his present and watched a movie with the kids. For the last year the ONLY thing he has done with
the children is watched movies once a month or so. It is rather ridiculous that watching a movie once a month is his idea of fulfilling his role as a father, but I can't stand in judgement of that, God will judge him at some point, of that I am confident!

After honoring the father's around us I decided that I needed a Father's Day present too!
After all I do the work of both mother and father in our little family!

So I treated myself to a blueberry lemonade adult beverage and some Joyful Cups...

All in all, not my favorite day, but I did manage to make it through it with grace still intact and in conducting myself in a manner I could be ok about. Not proud of, per say, but not ashamed of either.