Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nathaniel health update and a little quilt love...

*it is time to cross promote.... because this recent health battle of Nathaniel's is taking a TOLL on my finances!!! Plus, who doesn't LOVE beautiful quilts????*

Read to the bottom for the newest update on Nathaniel....

Winter is Coming....

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Now for what you REALLY want to know (right?)

Mr Nathaniel.... is STILL so sick ...

Three weeks ago today, this current trial began with a routine dental procedure. (Man, we just can't do routine in his world. A routine T&A years ago caused us weeks of hell too....) Yesterday his newest levels came in. His blood looks great but his urine and nitrates are still very off. We have the newest, and LAST non IV medication to try.

So last night we started on Cipro... and are PRAYING that this is the magic we need, because I am TIRED and BUMMED and STRESSED OUT. I can't even imagine how defeated Nat is feeling! I am ready to KICK the not good crud OUT of his body and claim VICTORY! I am ready for my boy to go back to school, and I am ready to sleep through the night not worrying about my boy.

So if you are the praying type, we LOVE your prayers. I honestly think that they are the only thing keeping us going right now! And, as always, thank you for standing with us on this journey!


Jamie said...

Your quilts are amazing!