Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thankful Day Nineteen!

Thankful Day Nineteen!

I am thankful that a simple act of self care can also be an act of blessing others!

I was well aware of the fact that Mr. Nathaniel needed a hair cut.... ESPECIALLY with Thanksgiving almost upon us. Growing up, whenever my grandparents thought that my brothers had too long of hair they would clip it back out of their eyes with girlie hair clips! I know that we will be seeing my grandparents over the holidays and I didn't want Nathaniel being subjected to the hair clips, so off we headed to Super Cuts!

I hadn't had a hair cut in over 18 months (see how long my hair is in that picture? LONG for me!) and I had a bit of cash on hand, so I thought I would get a trim too...

While I was sitting there looking at the books to see if anything jumped out at me as super cute the man across from me made mention of how short of styles I was looking at and how long my hair is. I told him, kinda nonchalantly, that about every 18 months I get it all hacked off and start all over again. He then said something about hoping I donated my hair or something since it was so healthy and pretty.... Ah, sweet man. But then I noticed that he said it with tears in his eyes.

When the stylist called my name I set the book down, not really knowing what I was going to ask her to do to my hair. So I decided to ask her where the 10 inches fell (10 inches is how long the pony tails for Locks of Love are supposed to be) . She showed me, and it was pretty short. I was sort of thinking about it, when she said "You know, with as thick and healthy as your hair is we could do two pony tails for Locks of Love, and that would bless 2 people!" That did it.... I told her to cut them off then surprise me with a new do.....

This is what I ended up with!
Pretty cute, but even if it was awful, the cool thing is it is JUST hair, and mine grows pretty fast!
It was completely worth it to give to someone who is not blessed to have hair growing because of an awful disease!

From here to there, all to bless another...
How lucky am I?
Simply doing something for myself can turn into a blessing for others.

And we didn't forget Mr. Nathaniel either....

He is looking quiet dashing with his new do too!


fivejensenboyz said...

Adorable cuts...LOVE yours...and of course nat is looking dandy! :)