Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thankful Day Two

Today I am thankful that I have grown in God's grace and compassion to the point that I can over come my fleshly tendencies and see through my God goggles!

My flesh would hold grudges, be bitter and say "no way in HELL"

Load #1 packed and neatly stacked... alone....

With God goggles, I can rise above my feelings, and so grace and kindness as Jesus would.

Focusing on God's heart for the lost, I can be the bigger person and serve my fallen brothers and sisters...

and even on occasion my fallen ex husband...

with grace and kindness!

Even when it is BLAZING hot,
the ONLY storage unit I could find was UPSTAIRS
and the bottom of the biggest box feel out of it half way up the stairs.

Even then, I only SLIGHTLY cursed in my HEAD...
And wondered exactly how Jesus would react in THAT situation???

But without Jesus in my life I GUARANTEE I couldn't have even considered what needed done, let alone did it!

Praise the Lord, that I am growing in maturity and can deal with "situations" in a better way than I could have even 2 years ago!!