Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful Day Three

Today I am THANKFUL for this darling couple...

Last night at small group Bible study I asked if anyone had any down time to consider coming over and hanging out with Nat for a little bit so I could get some work done. He has been SO clingy and will NOT let me get anything done. It has been a CRAZY three weeks, and I am SERIOUSLY behind on orders, house keeping, bill paying and life in general! Our group was VERY SMALL last night compared to normal, but I still threw it out there.

Before I even got home from group (I stayed a bit late and talked to a friend) I had a message from Tessa on my Facebook... say that she and her fiancee Chris had some down time today and wanted to help out!

Chris and Tessa came over this morning, bearing momma gifts of caffeine (peppermint lattes are here!!!) and hung with Nathaniel for a few hours! Together they got more of his homework done this morning than I have managed in the last two days combined! They played LOTS of Wii with him (I even heard him teaching Tessa a thing or two in there!). And best of all they answered all of his NON STOP questions, chatter, obsessions, ect. I have a few hours of peace to knock out some WORK!!!! I got three big orders done, printed invoices to get paid on jobs, and packaged two orders to ship out. I think it was the most productive day I have had in at least a week!

I was SO BLESSED and SO THANKFUL to be able to just knock out what I needed to without having to worry about Nathaniel at all!

And the most amazing thing to me is that I KNOW these two have a to do list of about a million things to get done in the next week, since they are GETTING MARRIED in 7 days!!! But they were so kind and filled with grace to spend 4 hours entertaining my son and giving me a MUCH NEEDED break in the midst of their own business.

 How blessed am I?

Words can not express the blessing Chris and Tessa were to me today, nor can they express the level of thankfulness in my heart!

May God RICHLY BLESS you both, and may your wedding NEXT WEEK! be EVERYTHING you dreamed it would be!

Much love!