Friday, May 10, 2013

And there's.....

Not much new to say.
But I am writing this for all who want to know what is going on.
We are in a holding pattern.
Trying to do life while all of the unknowns are figured out.
I wish it was as easy as it sounds,
but honestly......
It sucks.
It is SUPER hard.
 And it is SUPER SUPER exhausting.
We are waiting to hear back from the doctor on our attack plan.
We are waiting to hear WHAT THE HECK is filling Nathaniel's spinal column all up!
We are tying to keep him comfortable and as pain free as possible while we wait.
And we can't make a single plan till we hear those two things.
Which is sort of a little hard on this planning kinda' momma!
So yesterday I was blessed to get a few things done, like replace the washer that died, and finish getting the car fixed. I also managed to work some yesterday for the first time this week. I got a few orders done for clients and cleaned up the office. I also got a recovery bed set up for Nathaniel and cleaned my room. Not a hugely special day, but still totally exhausting day since my brain never stopped. Now if I could just get my landlord to understand how brain dead I am, then he might get off my back about the condition of the yards... or not.
For those of you still wanting to know how to pray, please pray for wisdom for the doctors still, and peace for our home. For those who keep asking how to help... I am working on it! I really am. It is just overwhelming to think of everything that needs done!
So we will continue to rest in the Lord, to seek His path and to take it one minute at a time.
Thank you for your love.
Thank you for your prayers.
Thank you for your hugs!