Saturday, May 18, 2013

New Lessons in Trust...

In every part of life, God teaches us, grows us, and sometimes even stretches us.
He gives us challenges that we can NOT handle alone to show us things like: great His provision is, community blesses, He can do ANYTHING,
... how sometimes it takes a village
...and usually, total dependence on him!
One of the parts of this new journey that I HATE talking about is the outlandish expense it is going to be. Trips up and down to Oakland (480 miles round trip) with gas hanging out at around $4.00 a gallon, 4-6 weeks of no work which = no pay (family leave act doesn't cover self employed mommas), 4-6 weeks not at home in my own bed, with my own food or with my own coffee maker! Not to mention the fact that Nathaniel looses his funding for everyday he is in the hospital. I can't even begin to wrap my mind around how much this is going to cost. And you know what? I TOTALLY trust God to meet those costs and needs! I have complete faith and I REFUSE to worry about something as insignificant as money at a time like this.
Even as He and I were having this conversation, He brought forth fundraising opportunities for our family, and I trust that He will continue to!

As soon as my dear dear friend Breann Hollon found out that we had a surgery date and were ready to rock and roll she set up this GREAT fundraiser for us. She is just too talented, too kind and too generous! If you look around our site you will see tons of examples of Bre's work. She is VERY talented.

 Breann has set up this mini shoot as a fundraiser for us! (Isn't that sweet??)

On Saturday June 1st Bre will come up to Montana de Oro and do 1 hour mini sessions for anyone who wants to book! Sessions will be $200 and she donating ALL of that to our family for medical and travel expenses! Also she will donate 30% of any prints or product that you order!

This is a great opportunity for you to get FABULOUS professional pictures and to help us out at the same time! Please let us know if you would like a spot, and please help us share this opportunity too!

The timing on this is amazing, as we will be leaving just a few days later for surgery and these funds would GREATLY bless us.

If you are interested in helping but not in this opportunity you can check out the link to Nathaniel's Helping Hands Page (left sidebar, top link) or donate directly through PayPal (link also on the left sidebar).

I am excited to see how creative the Lord is going to get to help us fund this journey!

Thanks for loving us enough to be part of it!