Friday, May 24, 2013

Grace Like Rain

I am a giver.
It is hard for me to be a receiver.
I have a hard time being gracious about receiving.
But as God's word teaches us,
 There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.
Ecclesiastes 3:1
As hard as it is to admit, right now our family is in the season of needing assistance.
And it has been poured down on us like my mind can not comprehend!
And I humbly accept, with tears in my eyes and COMPLETE thankfulness.
Simple things like,
Meals when I am too exhausted to cook
Help pricing hundreds of rummage sale items
Hugs at every turn
Friends that speak perfect truth to my heart right when I need it most
Bigger things like,
A selfless friend that came and helped me piece the Art Legacy Project
Another selfless friend that is helping me get my work done
A Home Group from our church that is cleaning up our yard
A woman I barely know, going to service organizations on our behalf
Rummage Sale Items pouring in
And huge things that rock my world like,
A sweet family in church making sure that I am not stressed about one of our biggest bills while we are gone.
A sister from church who is moving cross country and has donated EVERY item they are not taking to our family to sell an raise funds with.
A dear sweet friend volunteering her talent to do a fundraiser for us.
Donations coming in from friends and strangers alike.
And the biggest thing,
Being wrapped in prayer all through this journey.
I am brought to my knees.
I am humbled.
I am more grateful and thankful than words can express.
Yesterday we received word that the doctor wants to move the surgery up, sooner. He didn't have an exact date yet. But we should get that today. I think I stopped breathing... for a few hours! And my world started spinning like crazy again. I am TOTALLY overwhelmed  by what needs done NOW so that we are ready to leave when the call comes. I reached out to two dear friends in my craziness and BOTH of them said almost the EXACT same thing. How is that possible when these two have never even met (to the best of my knowledge) and didn't know what the other was saying to me? There is only one answer.... God gave them each the perfect words to speak to my heart. And I was again humbled, that trough all of this storm and journey God is RIGHT THERE carrying us.
If you think of our little family, please pray for us.
If you need portraits done, please remember that we have THIS fabulous fundraiser coming up.
And if you feel led to give and help us out we have THIS site set up to manage that.
We love you and couldn't walk this journey without you.