Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Nathaniel's last Bear Hug

Monday, we had Nathaniel's last Bear Hug Promotion (and all of the rest of the 6th graders too... but you know Nathaniel was the important one in my world, lol!)
One of the first things I saw when I walked in was the Art Legacy Project FINALLY finished and hung up on the wall!!
I am probably a bit biased... but I thought it looked AMAZING! So honored to get to be part of this!

Here is my handsome big guy... how did he get so danged grown up?

Nat finished 6th grade with this one other kiddo in his class. These two have been through A LOT together this year. Praying next year is easier for these boys.

Nat has some very special people in his life at Baywood. We are very sad to be saying so long to many of them. The man in this picture is one Nat really looks up to, he is a very special guy who always lifts Nat up and treats him with honor and respect. I am so glad, that with all that Nat has going on in his life he has been about to bond with this guy. Too bad this guy is taking off to tour the world, lol. But I know how much Nathaniel respects him, and I think he has learned a lot from him! Precious gift!

Another special friend is Mrs. C, who has been his teacher for the last 4 years. She has really challenged Nathaniel to grow in many ways and we love her so much. Good thing we have ways of getting ahold of her, because I am not ready to say so long to her yet! Amazingly gifted teacher and person with a heart of gold!
These two ladies were Nathaniel's two teacher in his 7 years at Baywood. Mrs. D had him in 1,2 & 3 while Mrs. C had him in 4, 5, 5 & 6. They both touched our life deeply.

He is another friend we are saying "so long" to... this kid has a FABULOUS heart and is always so kind to Nathaniel. I really like how these boys relate to each other, and the kindness and compassion extended! In my heart I know this kid is going to make a BIG mark on the world!
When the ceremony started we got a surprise right away!
Nathaniel was honored with one of three citizenship awards given that night!

He was VERY excited to receive it.

Then it was time for each student to get their last Bear Hug...
at our school, Bear Hugs are the citizenship awards given at assemblies each Friday. This is a sort of rite of passage for them.

And each student got to introduce and thank their parents. It was very sweet!

Then it was time to shake hands with everyone like a big man!
After we were done at the school we headed home. Since this was our last night in town for awhile I put an open invitation up on Facebook and with our friends to come celebrate Nat and pray over him one last time before we left...

I was ABSOLUTELY stunned and blessed by how many people came to bless us!

So humbled by how much we are loved!

When I put the invitation out I never considered that people would bring gifts! Seriously never crossed my mind!

But as you can see, Nathaniel was totally thrilled with the attention and the gifts!

This was a wonderful evening that touched my heart deeply and we all greatly enjoyed. I am so proud of Nathaniel and all of his hard work to be a good student and a great citizen in the midst of all he goes through!
Love you Nathaniel!
You are GOING PLACES boy!