Wednesday, June 5, 2013

God is SO Great!
I am continually humbled and blessed!
It absolutely amazes me HOW MUCH has gotten done in the last week!
Thousands of soap bags for a very special client.
Loads and loads of rummage sale items brought here.
TONS of Rummage Sale items sorted, priced and stored away.
Grady's quilting finished so I can reload the quilting machine with Baywood's quilt.
Speaking of Baywood's quilt, we pieced it this week!
Meals with dear sweet friends!
An iPod filled with Praise and worship music from a sweet sweet friend.
(a side not on this... this sweet sweet friend went home to be with Jesus between the start of this post and my actually posting it... this exchange is the last interaction I had with her... this just went up 1000 fold in specialness!)
My yards all cleaned up and looking FABULOUS!
A bunch of TV interviews, and lots of great love for Project Surf Camp coming from a horrible violation.
Through  a heart stopping, breath taking blessing my rent is paid for June and July so I don't have to think about that while I am gone.
A nice family dinner with my brother whom hasn't spoken to me in YEARS.
Time with my sweet sweet nephew, and time for my kids to play with him too.
Another family dinner with Grady and Petra... so good to see him happy!
 An new key for my car so I no longer have to be terrified of loosing my only key.

A rummage sale that took my to my knees in humble. I can't not wrap my brain around how much was raised for our travel expense from this event. God is so amazing!

A bittersweet Sunday with my RHCF family. They way these folks live love out LOUD is beyond words. Such servants and followers of Jesus. So blessing to be part of that family.

I finished the Baywood Art Legacy quilt with the help of MANY people. And it got hung up in time for the Last Bear Hug!!!

Nathaniel made his promotion, the Last Bear Hug, as he moves from the elementary school to the middle school next year. This was a precious time with his friends, teachers and school staff.

At the last bear hug, Nathaniel was awarded one of three citizenship awards. Mommy is so proud of the little man he is becoming!

After the event we went home to a house filled with MANY of our friends, family and Brothers and Sisters. We laughed, ate cake, celebrated Nathaniel and they prayed over us. It really touched my heart how many people showed up late at night to love on us one more time.

Through tears and heartbreak, Faline and Josie helped me get the last stuff pulled together, my house cleaned and the laundry done (because I am one of those crazy people who can't leave a messy house or dirty laundry).

We had travel mercies on the way here and the trip sped by.

We had great appointments yesterday to get ready for all of this.

We got into the low cost family house which is very close to the hospital and we got a free parking place!!!

Through the whole journey I have had dear friends holding my hand, talking to me all hours of the day and night to bring smiles to my face and calm my heart, and plenty of hugs.

I am humbled by all the people who have come along side of us to make this journey possible and bearable. God WILL be glorified through it!

Each of you that has give even just a little of yourself for our journey, words can not express my gratitude... and THANK YOU is too little, yet all I have. You are so special.

So now....

We take the next step.

Nathaniel will be having the first of his surgeries today......

Here we go...
in God's grace and tender mercies...
covered in your prayers and energy....

Let the next chapter begin!