Friday, June 21, 2013

Just Doing It

I have again been accused of being quiet or not present....
And the truth of it is I know it,
But don't have the energy to do much about it.
I think we are in the "Just doing it" phase right now.
Yesterday was the 16th day in a row in the hospital for us,
and I think the sort of hospital depression has set in for both Nat and I.
On Wednesday we were both so tired that we curled up and took naps in my "window bed" together when he wasn't in therapy. We also went outside and played Uno in the courtyard to soak in some sunshine. Nathaniel continues to work SUPER hard in his therapy sessions and is an inspiring  little guy. The world could take a few lessons from him about hard work, perseverance and great attitude in the midst of storms.
 I mean, look at that schedule... this kid is working HARD all the time. But he is doing GREAT too! He can walk about 10 foot in his walker unassisted now. Not too shabby for 15 days out of major spinal surgery.
Nathaniel has definitely hit a round of the hospital blues, but in God's perfect way his worst bout was minutes before his music therapist came in! He had a great session with Matt and worked through lots of his feelings. He was much more stable after that.
There was also a special event at the hospital yesterday. I had a migraine and REALLY didn't want to go, but I knew Nathaniel would dig it, so I sucked it up, took lots of medicine and we ventured out....
And Nathaniel was THRILLED!

The hospital had a Meet & Greet with the 501st Legion and Rebel Legion, a group that spreads the magic of Star Wars costuming worldwide. They were very cool, and so kind to all the kids. And WAY COOL about photo ops with the people too!
Nathaniel's spirits were visually better after a little bit in the company of some of his favorite Star Wars characters!

Definitely a "mommy win" moment!
My heart is a little torn heading into this weekend. I know it is SO IMPORTANT to be here and for Nathaniel to be getting these fabulous services, but I am still broken hearted over some of the stuff we are missing at home. We have already missed BIG things like Damen's graduation, Josie's dance recital and Traci's celebration of life. And we miss everyday things like serving the Lord with my Open Arm friends, going to church at home, hugging my friends, play dates, my standard breakfast dates and Friday night BBQ & pool tradition. This weekend is another one of those events that I will miss, and this one pierces my heart again. Audrey's dance recital is this weekend... and it will be the first one I have ever missed of hers. Sometimes it is REALLY hard to be a single mom and balance it all, and this is one of those times I HATE being a single mom. But the Lord has a plan, so I will go with it. I will trust Josh and Faline and my mom to make this recital special for Audrey, and I will try not to cry thinking of her, and the FABULOUS RAD show I will be missing. I am so thankful that there are other people in Audrey's life that will make this special for her, and I will sit back and let her be blessed by them this time.
BUT I am TOTALLY excited that our dear friends the Jansen's are coming to see us on Saturday AND our friends the Dicus's are coming up on Monday AND they are bringing Audrey with them!!! So hopefully, spirits will be up after the next few days. It is SO nice to see friends and family. I know it is a HUGE trip to make to see us, so we are so blessed by those that can come.
As always, we love you and thank you for joining us in this journey in prayer, in thought and in encouragement!