Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 9 Update

There really isn't much to say today...
Nat was tired.
I was tired.
We were trying to figure out the ropes in a new department.
We were meeting 10 thousand people on the new team.
Nat had PT, OT and Speech sessions today.
We just kinds WERE today.
Our new room is TINY. We can't even fit all of his daily living equipment in the room! (wheelchair, walker, commode, cathing supplies, and daily stuff) And it is RIGHT next to the nurses station, so it is LOUD 24/7. I did mention to the doctor team that with Nathaniel's sensory processing disorder that it is REALLY hard to calm him in this room. They checked and said another patient is scheduled to discharge tomorrow, and they could move us to that room and that it is quieter. I pray that happens. I also pray it is a window bed because window beds have more room! They also have a built in BED for momma!
Why would a built in bed be nice? Well let me tell you a little story...
But if you laugh at me like she did....
I might have to unfriend you!
Last night I slept in one of those horrible chairs that hospitals have that turn into beds. I have had one of those every night of this journey, but last nights was the worst. It was at least 6 inches shorter than I am. It folded out in such a way that if you pushed on the middle you folded in half. And it squeaked every time I breathed! It was also VERY snug in that room. My chair bed was wedged under the sink right next to Nathaniel's bed. Now this might not have been so bad if the sink wasn't automatic and the room curtain wasn't wedged between me and the sink. All of this to say...
You see..
if I turned over or moved the curtain moved..
then the sink turned on...
 then I BOLTED up out of bed because of the noise....
 then the bed usually folded in half on me because I bolted up so fast...
 then I cursed....
then Nathaniel woke up.
It was a LONG night.
So I am praying for a quieter room starting tomorrow. And since our God is so great and so big and so able to do anything, I am also asking Him for a window room. Because I might now survive 2-6 weeks of nights like last night.... Join me?
Also, I did want to let you know that we had another answer to prayer!
I asked earlier if we could pray that Lucy, the great PT that has been working with Nat, would be his PT on Rehab, and we found out today that she IS his PT! Thank you Lord. I acutaly really like all the therapist that are working with him so far, and that is kinda unusual for me!
We are terribly excited to see Gramie, and Audrey and Bea and the boys this weekend! It will be so good to see some friendly faces that we actually know!
Hoping I can be a little more ... something tomorrow, but for tonight I am going to crash!
Love you all!