Saturday, June 8, 2013


Praise the Lord!
Give Thanks for He is GOOD!
We FINALLY got the MRI done!!!
MRI techs crack me up.
They never seem to believe me when I tell them that my son can do ANY MRI without sedation. They look at me like I am crazy and say "but it's 2 hours worth of images..."
 I smile and say, "yes, I know. He will be fine."
They call the nurses and ask if I am a crazy parent.
They try to talk me into sedation.
I am stubborn... very very stubborn!
They roll their eyes and tell me they will TRY to do it without sedation.
Can I just say.....
My son is a MRI ROCK STAR!!!
The boy just had major surgery on his back and he ROCKED the MRI
We had to take him off and put him on the table like 8 times, and he ROCKED it!!
He had a brain and spinal MRI... over 2 hours of images and they got EVERY SINGLE ONE the first time. He ROCKED it!!
They dropped him a little on one transfer. He cried. He took deep breaths without me reminding him. Then he looked at the tech and said "It's ok, I forgive you."
I love my kids.
He is a ROCK STAR!!
And now we wait until Monday sometime to see what the MRI says!
Pray those little buggers all gone!!!!
Pray that brain BEAUTIFUL!!!
Pray for great healing between now and then!
(pray for those screaming babies to get better and go home!)
Thanks for taking another step in this journey with us!