Monday, June 10, 2013

Roller Coasters

The roller coaster life goes on...
and on....
and on....
and on....
I don't think I like roller coasters anymore...
just saying!
So we  had great news on the spinal MRI last night (as seen in THIS post) and now we are waiting on the news from the brain MRI. Waiting is hard, but resting in the Lord while you wait makes it better! I know we won't hear anything on this until at least Monday when Dr. Sun can look at it and the report. (Let's pray for God's perfect will in this area.)
Today seems to be full of highs and lows.
High... He slept great through the night
Low... he slept so good that they didn't wake him for his pain medications so he woke in bad pain.
High... he was cleared to sit up today and that excited him!
Low... sitting up caused major headaches, which is an indication of a spinal fluid leak. (Let's pray it away, ok friends?!)
High... he has his appetite back and is eating normal food again!
Low.... his bowels haven't caught up yet, so he is very constipated. We are actively attacking that. (Let's pray him clear, ok??)
High... he got to transfer to a chair to sit up for a while!!
Low... lowest low... Nathaniel was DEVASTATED that his legs didn't support him when he transferred. I sort of expected him not to be able to stand, but he obviously didn't. He looked at me with HUGE eyes filled with tears and said "Mommy, what happened to my legs? Where did they go?" He cried for close to an hour. (Pray....)
High... Nathaniel is improving daily.
Low... this improvement means that Gramie can go back to work, so she and Audrey left today. I am gonna miss my little princess. (God heal this boy so we can all be together as a family again!)
High... I bought Audrey a locket and put pictures of Nat and I in it to give her before she went home. She LOVED it. That was a good mommy moment for me!
Low... Nathaniel HATES his compression braces, so he is complaining CONSTANTLY to take them off. Unfortunately we can't do that until he is moving around LOTS more.
High.... Nathaniel is awake enough to have opinions about things.... well about EVERYTHING actually!
Low... our dear friends that were going to come see us today ended up wit ha fever in their house so they can't come see us.
High..... we had our favorite evening nurse again, and we REALLY like it when she is here.
Low...none of us slept well. Nathaniel was worrying and stressing all night. And there was LOTS of loud noise and creepy people in and around the family house, so I didn't sleep so hot either. We are all tired today. (So let's pray for healing rest.)
So, as you can see, it is a bit like a roller coaster ride around here! But I feel like that is to be expected on a journey like this, but it still is weary making.
Additional points we would like lifted to the throne of grace...
*A PT evaluation so that Nathaniel can get a walker to use.
*An evaluation for IN Patient Rehab, and that he qualifies for it!
*The brain MRI.
As always, thank you for taking this journey with us.
We love you!


{april kennedy} said...

we were so so sad at our house too about not being able to come to visit. blake's face just dropped when I told him but he completely understood and even said he didn't want to take a chance to get nathaniel sick. on a good note....little miss woke up fever free this morning. on the mend! give us a few days to make sure we are all clear.