Thursday, June 13, 2013

For Traci

One of the sacrifices of being on this journey is missing things that are REALLY important to me at home. The night before we left on this journey I got a heartbreaking call about my dear friend Traci.

My friend Traci is a dear dear sister in Christ.
Traci is a fabulous mom to her darling son Ian.
Traci is a baker extraordinaire.
Traci is kind and generous beyond words.
Traci is passionate about the things she is involved in.
Traci is a friend you can always count on, kindness personified!
And as of Monday June 3, 2013 Traci is dancing with Jesus, one of his newest angels.

My heart breaks for those left here without Traci...
She can never be replaced..
Her kindness...
Her generosity...
Her laugh...
Her passion...
Her love for people and Christ....
Her devotion to those she loves...
There will never be another Traci.
But I also knew the hurting side of Traci.
The part of her that was held hostage by the disease that ravished her body.
The part of her that hurt constantly.
The part of her that was constantly seeking relief from the bondage.
And I rejoice that she is now FREE from all of that.
I rejoice that she is HEALED completely in heaven.
I rejoice that she will never have pain again.
And I rejoice that she is in glory with our dear lord.
I just saw Traci a few days before she passed, and I am so grateful for this last sweet memory of her. It completely demonstrates her spirit and I will always hold it dear in my heart when I think of Traci. I thank you for allowing me to share this sweet memory with you.
I was getting ready for this trip and Nathaniel sort of confiscated my iPod. I was whining on Facebook that I wouldn't have my praise and worship music that is so important to me on this journey. Traci offered to loan me her iPod and we set up a time to meet. We were both crazy busy, but we carved a few seconds for each other. Really a few seconds, she was on her way into a medical appointment and I was running errands to get ready to leave. When we met up there we hugs, and smiles, and giggles, and prayers for each other, all in the middle of a parking lot! She handed me her iPod that she not only dug out for me (while she was sick!) but then she cleared it off and filled it with praise and worship music for my journey. She even caught a comment that my sister made and put that song on there for Nathaniel. Because that is just how Traci was. She was kind, she was generous, she was a true friend through it all. Now I have this precious gift with me on this hard journey we are on, and every time I turn it on my heart smiles, for while I am praising the Lord in the storm she is dancing with him in glory!
As much as my hearts want to be in Southern California tonight to celebrate Traci' life, I know I can't be there. But that doesn't mean it won't be where my heart it tonight. Thinking of you and praying for you Dale and Ian family.
I love you Traci... see you soon sister!