Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Running Update from Surgery

3:20 am.... They just wheeled him past me!!! I got a quick glimps of him!!!! Oh how I want to touch that boy! Thank you Lord he is OUT of the operating room!!!!

2:15 am update... oh my heck... the doctor just said we have another hour to go... It has been quiet the journey... I am ready to see my little boy again! Praying this hour goes fast... But the Dr. Sun thinks he got it all in this one long day.. we will have to MRI to be sure, but for right now we are going to call it done! The Dr also says that all of the nerves are functioning at the same level as when he went in, so he shouldn't have lost any function! PTL... just a little bit longer till I can see my boy!

11:45 pm ... They JUST called to say that they are starting to close him right now!!! Praise the Lord... Praying they got it all... will find out more in about an hour!

11:00 update.. Still going strong in the OR!!!! Everything is still going great, and Nat is very stable. I am praying since they are going so diligently that maybe they can get it all done in one round? What do you think God? Thank you all for covering us in prayer, chatting with me, texting me and encouraging me. I have absolute peace still right now, even 10 hours in. That peace comes from God and from all of you covering us in prayer... how do I thank you for that?

10:00 pm... a papa I only know from online SB support rooms brought me coffee and Starbucks! The SB community is SO supportive and awesome!

9:15 pm update... Nat is totally stable... Dr. Sun is still dissecting away. Said they will go at least another hour and a half... probably longer! Pray for Dr. Sun!! I am in aw at his concentration and stamina!

7:30pm update.... OR nurse called to say that Dr. Sun is still working away diligently. She said they would call at 9 pm with the next update! Oh my. Pray for Dr. Sun for focus, steady hands and supernatural focus. I think this waiting is the hardest part for me!!

7:15 pm.... Nat's girls waiting for word on him... It has been a LONG day so far!

6:15 pm update... Dr. Has moved from tether to first cyst... still working away... Nat is still stable... Next update around 7:30... please keep praying!

Some of my dear sweet friends have been lighting candles to remind them to pray for Nathaniel and posting pictures on Facebook. This touched my heart so much that I decided to pull pictures of the candles and post them here too, so we can always remember how loved, supported and prayed for we are during this journey! Thank you ladies. I love you all!
4:45 pm update.... Nathaniel is still hanging tough in the OR... He is stable and doing well. Dr. Sun is still working on untethering the cord, and can see the cysts, but hasn't started removing them yet. Next update should be around 6ish. Thanks for continuing to pray for us! We feel so loved right now!
3:00 pm update... Nathaniel is doing well, Dr. Sun is hard at work. Everything going as planned. Next update due around 4:30....
1:15pm... So... I just got the call that he is fully asleep and they have him positioned for the procedure... Dr. Sun just started working on him...
12:05 pm.... Just took my boy back!
11:15 am ....A silly game of go fish while we wait and wait and wait..
11:00am... procedure was supposed to start at 10, guess we are running late! Here is my FB status from Nat's funnies during this time..."Oh my son... he is hilarious... he is sitting here looking at me and says "oh mom! I have given you more white hairs!" Glad he knows where they all came from... He is offering to pull them out, but I am afraid if he pulled them all out I would be bald! Lol" And you are so NOT getting a picture of my grey hairs to go with that!
9: 30 am ..All dressed up and no where to go yet.... at least we get to play during this waiting time!
9:15... Playing with my boy while we wait! He is such a trooper!
9:00 am... we get to move from waiting room 1 to waiting room number two...
8:30 am... check in and wait...