Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 13 Update

I have been scolded....
Many times.....
Guess I was too quiet yesterday.
Nat got up EARLY.
So I was tired.
Early morning wake up from the boy means I made him do therapy while he waited for therapy! You see a game? I see an exercise in linear processing! We played tons of games of connect four over and over until he went to therapy.
Here at Children's Oakland they have this thing called "primary nursing". This great nurse Debbie signed up to be Nathaniel's primary, which is totally COOL because I really like her! So, yesterday Debbie noticed that I was exhausted and she was so sweet. She arranged for a volunteer to hang out with Nathaniel so I could head back to the family house for a block of time.
I got a key to the gym at the family house the other day, so I was totally excited to use the gym, do some laundry, take a shower and sit out in the sunshine and listen to tunes.  I didn't feel rushed or hurried, I just got to relax some. That was a good thing for me.
Nathaniel worked hard at therapy yesterday. He is making small gains each day. He stood for 2 minutes without holding onto the walker yesterday!
Other than it was a kinda ho hum day.
Not bad.
Not great.
Just was.
We all have those, right?
We are STILL in the teeny tiny room, still praying for a window room that has a little more room in it!
We are still having issues with his bowels, and praying for some solution there.
And we are always praying for recovery for the boy!
Love you all!