Friday, June 14, 2013

Finding a Rhythm

It seems to have taken us forever, but I think we are starting to find a rhythm in this journey!
In the rehab unit, Nathaniel is getting 2 PT sessions, 2 OT sessions and 2 Speech session EVERY DAY! Wow! That is a A LOT of therapy, but that is the whole reason we are here. This is going to  be a season of HEALING and RE BIRTH for my boy. So, with this sort of schedule for him, we are finding ourselves falling into a rhythm finally.
First we climb out of our bed mazes in the morning....
If you missed yesterday's post about the fun with beds, you really should go check it out!
This is our living space right now. Notice no wheelchair or walker room. Notice the sink mommy's bed is under. Yes. It's an adventure! We are still praying for a window room. It would be SO much better! Especially since the family house is filling up and I might get rotated out of there soon. But God's got it.. I know He does!
After we climb out of our bed cages, we get dressed and do morning self care. This is still REALLY difficult for Nathaniel, as he can't balance alone yet, and his flexibility is not too great yet either. But we get it done. And we get it done in a TINY bathroom too. Sigh.
Next up breakfast. I will usually order Nathaniel's food, then the two of us will take a wander down to the cafeteria to get mommy's coffee. By the time we get back up to the room, Nat's food is usually there and we have breakfast together.
His first therapy appointment is usually at 9, so at that time he goes with the therapist and I wander back to the family house to shower, have some breakfast myself (I have a place to store my food from home there, so it is cheaper and healthier to eat there) and if I am doing good, I also catch some fresh air and sunshine while there. Today I was given a key to the GYM at the family house too! I am excited because now I can add exercise to my morning routine too!
Usually in the mid day Nathaniel has a break from therapy for lunch and we play a game or do art during this time. We had to borrow some new games from Child Life today, as I am tired of getting my booty kicked at Sorry! We will try Uno and Battle Ship this weekend and see if I do any better at those.
In the afternoon Nat has more therapy and I try to go outside some more.  Sometimes I head back to the family house to chill, or do laundry, or shower again if my back is hurting. Other times I go to the patio here and listen to music. Either way, I try to take some me time while Nat is working hard.
In the evening we walk down to get my dinner, and take it back to Nathaniel's room to eat together again. Tonight I had the best dinner I have had in a long time! Eggplant Neapolitan, Apple Feta Salad and roasted squash.... GF, and veggie, and full of taste. A cafeteria win tonight.
After dinner we play more games, and get ready for the night. Nathaniel is a rock star for all of the hard work he is doing, and I am figuring out how to stay sane and take care of me some in this journey too.
A high point of today was that Nathaniel's pressure sore on his face finally healed! It hurt my heart to see that big owie on his sweet face every time I looked at him. It is wonderful to see his beautiful face sans owie today!
Another high point was this great blanket that Nathaniel was given today. For anyone that KNOWS Nathaniel, then they KNOW this blanket is PERFECT for him... green AND football?? Perfect match! God's hand even in the small things, like the gifts from strangers perfect matches to his likes and passions!
But the HIGHEST Point from this day???
My baby girl is here to see us!
I have missed Audrey SO MUCH, and I am so excited that my mom brought her up for the day. Can't wait to spend tomorrow as a family for a day! So thankful for a momma that is willing to spend her weekend relieving me at the hospital at night and bringing me my baby girl! Feeling loved right now. SO GOOD to see them! And good to know that I get to sleep in a BED tonight too! My back will be so happy!
As always, thank you for your prayers and good thoughts and following our journey. We love you so  much.