Tuesday, June 11, 2013

So... today was a new adventure!
I was woke up this morning around 6:30 by the nurse telling me Nathaniel was bleeding again and that they had paged the doctor up. Talk about hitting the ground running! I was so exhausted I had to jump in the shower real quick to wake up, but I still managed to walk onto the ward at the same time as the doctor. Nathaniel had had a series of bloody noses that had been going on, off and on, for about an hour. He must have swallowed a lot of blood, because he was also vomiting blood by the time I got there. I was pretty gross, and not exactly the way I wanted to start my day. So we had lots of fun right off the bat.
After all that excitement we rested for a bit and had some breakfast. Low key is good in this world! After breakfast we decided to do some sitting therapy and have him sit in his chair.
To make it more fun, we played a board game that the Child Life Specialist gave Nathaniel. Score: Nathaniel 2, Mom 1
Soon after Lucy, the PT, came to take Nathaniel for a walk. He got in HIS OWN wheelchair (unlike the dumb hospital ones we have been using) and rolled himself down to the gym on 2nd floor for some play time... oh I mean PT time! 
Lucy is AWESOME! She is silly, she is goofy, she evaluates fast and sure, and she knows just how to engage Nathaniel so he thinks he is playing games, yet she is working his booty off! Yesterday was the first day they had Nat up in a walker, and he was bearing ALL of his weight on the walker. Today he is shaking a lot, and weak, but she tricked him into standing without touching the walker by having him shoot hoops!

Nathaniel had a ton of fun and made lots of hoops! The went back upstairs exhausted. That is a good thing! He had a blast, thought he was going to play, and got lost of therapy all at the same time!
After playing in Lucy's gym, we went back to our curtain. Within minutes we were visited by Child Life Specialists, the school house volunteer (who brought Nat a laptop with math games, a reading book in his level and an art project to do today!) and lots of residents. Next up, lunch and nap.
After nap time Lucy came back. She told Nat that if we get into the In Patient Rehab he will have to do therapy 5-7 times per day (isn't that great??) so she wanted him to practice! LOL. Great way to get him back down to the gym.
Where he played soccer....

And worked on walking!
(Look.. HIS chair.. lol, I brought it back over for him! So much more comfy that the sling back ones they use here.)
Also this afternoon we saw OT (who had to do their evaluation to see if he will qualify for In Patient Rehab), the Neurosurgery team (who said that he looks good as expected and that they cleared the MRI (we still have to wait for the final report from radiology to call it ALL clear)) and lots more residents.
I was so happy that Nat didn't have any more bloody noses after this morning, but I should have known better than being happy. At 6 he turned over in bed and his nose started gushing again. Such a bummer! I really hope they figure this nose bleed and headache thing out soon!
So, it wasn't a great day, but it wasn't as bad as yesterday either.
Today's prayer requests are:
*for final clearance on the MRI
* For insurance approval to be admitted to In Patient Rehab
*For answers on these crazy bleeds
*For continued pain management and strength gains
*For a sister in Christ, who is also a warrior mom, who's sweet daughter went home to dance with Jesus this morning.
Thank you all for journeying with us.
We love you!