Wednesday, June 19, 2013

And the ride continues...

Every time I think I have got this journey figured out and the ride is settling out we hit another bump!
Yesterday I told you that we had our routine down, and that I was feeling better.
Well, this morning that routine was rocked, and I sure didn't handle it with much grace.
You see, for the last 6 days at the hospital we have been "living" in this teeny tiny quarters. Quarters where Nat can't get out of bed at night unless I fold my bed up. Quarters with a possessed sink. Quarters where the wheelchair and the walker can't both be set up at the same time. Quarters that challenged me in so many ways.
But, as I was reminded this morning, we were in the Rehab unit that I prayed for Nathaniel to be in, so who cared if we were in the smallest room there? And on this journey, our whole family is making many sacrifices, so who cares how much it challenged me? And the truth of the matter was that I still had the fabulous family house to go back to. That was my break and sanity.
Well, the thing with the family house is that there are a limited number of rooms, and a great many people with needs. The "rule" is that you can only stay a week before you get put on the rotate out list, and we have been there since June 4th... a little longer than a week, lol. So far I have been very lucky that the need hasn't been huge, and therefore I haven't been rotated out, but that luck ran out this morning. And I will admit it, I cried. I looked around me and wondered how in the world I was going to make it work at the hospital so far from home with so much stuff. And I really did have a pitty party for a little while. I am a SMALL town girl, and this town really terrifies me, so having the comfort of the CLOSE place to escape, and the security of my car in a locked parking area and security escorts back and forth to the house, really made me more comfortable. But the truth? This journey isn't about my comfort, it is about getting Nathaniel healthy!
So, throughout the day, as Nat worked his booty off in therapy and at all of his work I tried to find that happy place, that place where I was grateful for the fabulous therapy he is getting here, that place where I KNOW God will take us through this journey the way He wants us to go, that place where I can walk with His grace no matter what. And by mid afternoon I found it again. I was ok. I was trusting Him again, and knowing no matter what challenge we faced we could do it. And pretty much as soon I found my way back into his peace and walked with grace, that is when He blessed us. You see, He really did have a bigger, better plan and in His perfect timing He revealed it to me.
First a nurse came in to let me know that our roommate was leaving today. We knew he was having surgery, but we didn't know that he wouldn't be coming back to this unit afterwards. She told me that we were next up for a better space, and did we want their space. Of course, I immediately agreed. While the room is still RIGHT next to the nurses stations (and therefore incredibly LOUD 24/7) the space was double what we had. I was happy, it would work out fine, we had dealt with the noise for almost a week, we would just continue to deal with it. So I started packing up to "move". I was kind of laughing at myself for being so insistent that EVERYTHING had to go on the bed so that we could push the bed like 8 feet. I mean REALLY? But for some reason that is what my head insisted I did!
Next, Matt the Music Therapist came by. We have been trying to coordinate music therapy for Nathaniel for like 10 days now! But Nathaniel's schedule and Matt's just never seemed to line up. Well today Matt came by before he put anyone else in just to make SURE he had time slots for Nathaniel this week. How sweet is that? So for Nathaniel's 6th and last therapy of the day, he and Matt had their first session together this afternoon! Nathaniel was so happy! Totally sweet.
After music therapy the nurse came in to "move" us. What went down next is kind of funny, and totally God.
Nurse: You packed ALL of your stuff?!?!?!
Me: *totally embarrassed* Yes... I just felt like I HAD to for some reason.
long pause
Nurse: You wanted a quieter room, right?
Me: Well yes, we wanted a quieter room, and one with more space so Nathaniel can use his equipment safely. We will be happy with half of that though, the more space will help. 
Nurse: But REALLY you want bigger and quieter, right?
Me: a perfect world, yes.
Nurse: I will be right back.
A few minutes later he comes scurrying back in "hurry, hurry, we have to hurry"
And he rolls Nathaniel's bed out of the room....
and down the hall.....
and Into another room WAYYYYY far away from the nurses station....
and to a window room!!!!!
God is SO GREAT!!!
Welcome to our new room...
The window rooms have BEDS for the mommy!!
And drawers for stuff to go in!
And SPACE to use the equipment!!

Nat can even sit IN his chair in the room!!! So much better for him than being in  bed so much!

And his BED, and CHAIR AND WALKER all fit, WITH room to use them!!!
God is SO GOOD.
Silly me for even doubting him for one second!
It turns out they were going to put us in this room, but then the first nurse told me the wrong thing and instead of making her look bad they just decided to do what she said. But the second nurse has had us before, he knew how hard of a time Nat has with the noise, and he decided to "fix" the whole problem. But the thing was, there was another patient on their way up from surgery... he needed to move us, establish us in the better room AND get back and clean the old room BEFORE the other patient made it up from surgery. Obviously it would have been easier to NOT do this fabulous thing for us, but he did it anyways. So blessed.
Lesson learned today....
God is Good ALWAYS.
One should not doubt His goodness.
Trust in Him, walk with Him and KNOW that His plan is better than ANYTHING our minds can come up with.
And PRAISE Him in all things!
So, this girl, she was humbled today, and she is SO thankful her Father has a bigger plan. We are ready to keep walking on this path.
As always, thank you for walking this journey with us, thank you for praying for us, and THANK YOU for loving on us. We miss home, and family (bio and church) SO MUCH, but you are all so encouraging and such a blessing to us. God was so good in giving each of you to us, please know we treasure you and your places in our life.


ainemc said...

Wow, what a wonderful thing that nurse did! I have been reading all of your posts and you are both doing so well! Here in Ireland you don't usually get a room in a hospital at all. Usually you would be on a ward with 4-6 other children and their parents, with a recliner to sleep in beside the hospital bed if your lucky, a chair if your not so lucky. Once we got a room for a few days and it makes it so much easier! I am so glad that you got a bigger room with a window :)