Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day 12 Update

It is Sunday.....
A day of rest.....
And that is what we did!!!
It does this momma's heart god to see her babies together. LOVE those kids. But bright and early Gramie and Audrey had to catch the train back home, cursed work that Gramie has to do.  

As much as we LOVE having them come see us, goodbyes never get easier!! Hence the momma tears before 8 am! This journey is a sacrifice in so many ways for our family, but we are giving it to God for His glory!
After Audrey and Gramie got on their way Nathaniel and I just chilled out.  Nathaniel is currently battling a UTI and he is still having issues regulating his bowels. So he was sleepy and low key much of the day. Thank goodness for the laptop and Nexsus and iPods, lol. We spend many hours plugged in. We did take a break and play a few board games and do an art project.
One of the cool things about being in a Children's Hospital is that they have great things for the kids to do! One day last week when Nat was still feeling pretty crummy the school volunteer brought him this ceramic turtle to paint, but he didn't feel up to it. I held onto it because it was such a darn cute project, and yesterday we painted it together. So cute and so fun. We had a blast talking and working together on this project. And that is one of the blessings of this journey. I have always been very close to my children, but I am having all of this one on one time to bond with Nathaniel as he is entering his puberty years, I love how he will talk about anything with me, and we are just solidifying that bond right before he heads into a stormy time in most kids life!
By the evening Nathaniel was feeling somewhat better, and since he hadn't had therapy all day (no therapy on Sunday) I took him out for some sunshine and laps...
He wasn't exactly thrilled with me, but hey, being a good mom doesn't always mean you are the most popular person around!
I needed the low key day in many ways, as my heart just needed some time to rest. I adore seeing my family, but it takes a minute (or a day) to readjust to being alone. And we had LOTS of friends and visitors this weekend, so it took a bit longer even. But that is ok, I wouldn't trade our visits away for anything! Also, yesterday before the surgery was set, Nathaniel was signed up to do a special activity that he LOVES to do, so I was a bit sad that others were having fun diving, but Nat was here. We missed Marv and the Day Of Discovery program, but know there will be other opportunities for us in the future.
Our current prayer requests are kinda the same ole....
*UTI Healed
*Bowels back to normal
*Peace on the journey
*Blessings and grace on Audrey at home.
As always, thank you for joining us in this journey and standing with us.
We love you!