Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Poor Poor Guy!

The view from my window bed was gloomy and rainy all day.
Nat struggled through the day.
I struggled through the day.
And the day..... did it's thing.
Nat worked hard at therapy. His new braces seem to be working well. He is a bit sore, but that is to be expected with such a huge bracing change. Other than that they seem to be working out well.
The evening took a dive for the worse though. Nathaniel had been complaining off and on throughout the day of a headache, he wasn't eating right (which could have caused the headache) and he was mopey. I was doing the assess and problem solve thing all afternoon and evening. But at 8, God finally had mercy on me and showed me the problem...
It seems the ultrasound wasn't completely correct...
Around 8 Nathaniel decided that it would great fun to pass another HUGE stone, throw up EVERYWHERE and pass out. Charming child. At least I wasn't WEARING any of it this time, so I guess I am getting a LITTLE quicker! Still not fun to deal with, and poor poor guy HURT like heck.
After all that was said and done momma needed to take a little walk and talk to friends for a while... a long while. When I came back the boy was sleeping and we had a somewhat restful evening.
They drew labs bright and early this morning to test his kidney function and see if everything is balanced... Praying for those results. I am also getting ready to go into our first family meeting in a few minutes. I am curious to see how this works, and REALLY curious to see what they think our new adjusted timeline is. Pray with me?
We will update again soon!