Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Elephant Seals!

Have you ever heard of Elephant Seals?
Have you seen these things??
They are some pretty strange animals.... 
 But very interesting at the same time!
 Not far from where we live is one of their migration grounds,
 so we took the kids to go see them a few weeks ago.
 (yes.. I am STILL trying to get caught up with my pictures!)
 It is actually pretty interesting to hang around and watch these guys.
 This is a shot of the heard of them.
 And some of them were even "walking around" while we were there this time.
Watching them move is very interesting!
 Bri thought getting the wheelchair out was too much work... she opted for piggy backing it on this stop!
(in her defence, when it is all 6 of us traveling we do have to break the chair completely down for it to fit in the car, and it is a pain to put back together!)
 This was a fun stop and always educational to watch these guys!