Monday, September 13, 2010

Final days of Fair

Saturday was Auction... time to say goodbye to the projects that they raised all year long.
Josie in the Auction ring...
And Josie thanking her buyer :)
Brianna in the Auction Ring..
Notice anything about Brianna's auctioneer???
It's a woman!
Funny since we always say that Brianna talks enough to be an auctioneer!
And Brianna thanking her buyer!
I was in the mood to take pictures of things that caught my attention on the grounds this day.
It is kind of ironic since I know these grounds sooooooo well....
But I really do think this is a beautiful fair grounds....
And this is for all of you who think she is all sugar and sweetness....
THIS is a typical Audrey face!!!
Brother and sister getting ready for some more Mutton Busting...
I think this was their favorite thing at the fair this year!
It took some MAJOR finagling, but we DID get to do the train ride that Nat so badly wanted to do!
There was no room on the train for his wheelchair, but he wanted to ride it so bad. He asked EVERY TIME we saw it. The starting point was right by the CAL Fire trucks, and one of the CAL Fire people finally offered that they would protect his chair for us while we rode. So nice of them...
Sunday, the final day of the fair was finally Audrey's turn in the show ring.
This is a little last minute practicing. She is such an animal girl! She keeps telling me that she wants to be an animal doctor when she grows up.... and I can so see it!
Such excitement to get started....
And LOVING the braid she let me do in her hair!
Strutting her stuff for the judge.
And not afraid to use that booty for something useful!
She was in an older class this year, and therefore in the ring with SO MANY 4H kids... it's almost not fair to those kids who aren't growing up on ranches every day... but she still had fun.
I loved this pose... it's so "that's my stuff, now what do you think of it?!" kinda attitude!
THAT smile tells me she had lots of fun and loved showing the pigs...
So CUTE!!!

And just a little video of Audrey in action for you viewing enjoyment :)
So after this fun filled day we said good bye to the fair until next year :)