Friday, September 3, 2010

Girls Night Out!!!

 Not long ago Faline and I got a MUCH NEEDED Girls Night Out!!!
Can you see how excited we were to get it???
 Thanks to our very dear friend Christa, Faline and I were able to go see Trace Adkin opening..... 
 He did a great show and was fun to watch!!
 But for us the highlight was this guy!!!!
 Faline and I are both HUGE Toby Keith fans!!!

BTW.... How cool is that TRUCK on stage????
 I enjoy his music....
 I LOVE his patrism!
And he is just darned fun to watch on stage too!!!

I really wish my camera battery hadn't decided to tell me that it was "exhausted" so I could have shared some of the AWESOME fireworks with you too! It was a double blessing for me, because as much as I enjoy Toby Keith, I TOTALLY love fireworks!!! and they were throughout the entire show. Yes, you heard right. They were not just at the end, but throughout the ENTIRE show... so cool!

I also really liked that he invited a BUNCH of service men and women to the show, then paid tribute to them. And he did almost all of his patriotic songs (which are some of my favorites with him!). I believe it is so important to honor these men and women and LOVED that he did so throughout the entire show :)

Loved having a fun time to just hang out with Faline with NO kids, NO work, NO deadlines... justt hanging out. Looking forward to having a bit more of that kind of time once the shop is closed.