Saturday, January 15, 2011

Honor Roll!

This blog is more than just sharing life with those who want to share with us, it is also a way for me to chronicle our days together and someday I want to make it into a book for my children... so I have a few pictures and events that I missed in December when I was buried with living life! So I hope you can bear through some "catch up" posts... or come back soon and I will be back on track :)

There is one little boy in our house who had cause to be VERY PROUD of himself!

Nathaniel made Honor Society at his school for the first trimester!! I am so proud of him.

This really is Nat getting his award from Mr J (the principal at our school)... really, he is in there!

These pictures really are not great, but they are all I have! I was TIRED, it had been a long day, and there were lots of people around... so this is the best I could do!

Nat up on stage being proud of his accomplishment. I love that he is standing with Anthony and Matt, two of his buddies!

And here Nat is giving Reb, Audrey and I a thumbs up for our help in his accomplishing his great success. I love that our school teaches the kids that families are teams that work together for everyone to reach their goals and help the kids to acknowledge this!

Such a big smile and a proud boy.... as well he should be!