Sunday, January 30, 2011

It is the LITTLE things...

As I run around here absolutely crazy busy I realize it is the little things in life that make all the difference!

Like baking 15 DOZEN cookies this last week and in the middle of it all finding time to clean the top of my fridge!!!
Sometimes it is all about finding the joy in the little things :)

So as I am sitting here struggling today with way too much to do, and way too little drive, I am reminding myself about the little things....

And just so you know I am crazy, here is what is on today's list:

*File 4th Quarter sales taxes for business (due tomorrow...)
*Do 4th Quarter Profit and Loss statements so I can do the task above and below this!
*File Partnership Tax paperwork for 2010 (also due tomorrow)
*Finish 2 major orders.... you guessed it... both due tomorrow!
*Make the list of everything I need to do this week to make a Princess Tea Party happen here next Saturday. Organize it so I am not crazy Friday trying to make it happen!
*Fill out all of the end of the month reimbursement papers for Nat's care.
*Write 1st of the month checks for workers
*Clean house
*Finish Laundry
*Make dress

We will see how I fare on this list....
I might even come back and cross things off... but then that would just be one more step so we will see!

Through it all I am going to keep peaking at the top of the fridge and remind myself that by taking baby steps I WILL get it all done!

What encourages you when you seem overwhelmed?


HennHouse said...

The little things.

I like that.