Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve

Last year Faline and I started a new Christmas Eve tradition and this year we were blessed to be able to continue it!

We got up EARLY (thanks Randy for making it earlier this year... sigh) and headed to church to start cooking. As you can see from the picture we were a wee bit tired!

The day had the makings of a DISASTER, but dad came and saved the day! Or at least the cooking!

You see, no one bothered to tell us that the stove and the ovens at church had not been working correctly! So when we got there bright and early to turn the ovens on nothing happened. That is to say, the ovens did NOT get hot! Now how exactly were we supposed to cook Christmas Eve dinner without ovens???

Thankfully dad, a self proclaimed jack of all trades, master of none, came and saved the day with and inexpensive part from the hardware store. Thank goodness! We were back on track.

We were blessed with MANY helpers in the kitchen that day, including Josie, Queen of mashed potatoes! She has already requested INSTANT mashed potatoes for next year.... but I think she might get out voted!

Amazingly, even with starting over 2 hours late (thanks to the stove situation) dinner was ready just a few minutes late.

We had a plethora of yummy food....

We had friends and family all around us

And some wonderful fellowship!

Afterwards we even had a dish fairy and lots of help cleaning up!

Then it was off to candlelight Christmas Eve services!

(which might have been too much for these two tired little helpers!)

Here's praying that we get to continue our tradition next year and may many more join us!