Saturday, December 17, 2011

It's Not All About Santa

Our church puts on a kid's night called "It's Not All About Santa" that we got to be involved in this year.
The theory is a fun night for the kids so the parents can go out shopping.

First we had dinner and crafts.

The the kids practiced the songs that they would sing on Sunday during service.

They are pretty cute!

Then it was craft time!!!

I helped teach the kids to make their own Soy Candles.

We had some GREAT little creators that night! 

Nat wasn't too into the crafts, but he did well with the marshmallows!

Drew was trying to play marshmallow bingo with the kids....

But the marshmallows kept disappearing!

But the highlight of the night was the snowman race!

There was a girl's team.... 

And a boy's team....

The girls had a plan...

The boys had silliness and speed...

And a cute little snowman (yes, that is Nathaniel under there!)

And of course, the cutest little snowman won!

We had lots of fun, made some great crafts and even found a great snowman!