Friday, December 9, 2011

Take THAT Spina Bifida!

Some things take YEARS of work....
But are TOTALLY worth it!

ESPECIALLY when the person doing it has been told that he will most likely NEVER walk due to his Spina Bifida!

Please take a few minutes and watch HOW AMAZING our God is!
And if this doesn't show you why I LOVE my God, and I LOVE PSC, nothing will!

The first year we surfed with PSC was 2009.

It had been a ROUGH summer with services, and disability related things. People who were supposed to be trained in interacting with children like mine dropped the ball big time, several times throughout the summer. Then there was this surfer guy at church trying to get me to bring Nathaniel to a surf camp for special needs kids. I  would see him and go the other way! In my mind he just DIDN'T GET my kid. There finally came a time that I caved, and I agreed to bring Nathaniel to camp to check it out.

And it was LOVE at first sight.
Nathaniel LOVED surfing.
I was in TEARS on the beach watching my child get supported the RIGHT way in doing something special.
And the girls LOVED participating with Nathaniel.

This is a video clip from the first day Nathaniel ever did Project Surf Camp in August of 2009.
Notice the shallow water.
Notice the GREAT volunteers.
Notice the HUGE smiles.

In 2010 Nathaniel COULDN'T wait to get back to surf camp. And I was praying for a way to make his surf camp dreams come true. This was the first summer I was a single mom, and money was TIGHT to say the least. But God had a plan....

 In June I got a phone call that would CHANGE our summer that year. John Taylor, the director of PSC was in a TIGHT spot. He had producers from NBC coming to film the camp the NEXT DAY, and the group that was going to be at the camp that day had to pull out for confidentiality reasons (it was a group of foster kids, and they couldn't be on national television!)  Now I KNOW special needs people, and I have connections in that community. With a few phone calls we were able to have a camp full of kids for John the next day!

Check out what happened that day HERE!

Thus began the 2010 Pepsi Refresh ride for our family with Project Surf Camp. It was a summer I could NEVER have dreamed giving my kids and we had a BLAST riding the wave with PSC. John was so grateful for my help getting kids to his big day that he let my kids surf often that summer. And we were always invited to NBC/Pepsi Refresh events.

Through countless adventures with PSC in the summer of 2010, Nathaniel became more confident, more daring and more in love with surfing! 

He even won his very own surf board!

This is 2 video clips from Nathaniel surfing in 2010

Notice the independence.
Notice the confidence.
Notice the joy.
6.25.2010 With assistance....
Notice the dedicated support to bring about victory.
Notice the little boy who was not supposed to walk....

Surfing has become a passion for my kids. They LOVE it. In 2011, I was generously invited to join the board of directors for Project Surf Camp. As a board member, one perk was that my kids got to surf OFTEN in camp! We spent countless hours on the beach, me shooting pictures, Nat and Audrey surfing in camp and Brianna volunteering with other campers. It was a family event, and for those five weeks we lived PSC.


Through the tears in this mommy's eyes there are not words to describe that clip.
My boy. Born with Spina Bifida. Getting himself to a standing position on a moving surf board unassisted.


This is why I LOVE our PSC family.

And this is why you will ALWAYS see me doing anything in my power to keep the funding rolling in for PSC so other families can experience this joy, this astonishment and this unforgettable feel good!

Our God KNEW what he was doing when he place the dream of PSC in the hearts of many fabulous people and brought this dream to reality!


Bethany Fields said...

What a wonderful blog post! I was in tears at that last clip too!!!

fivejensenboyz said...

THIS IS AMAZING....thank you so much for sharing this. We all need to see Him in our lives....especially when we have so much negative stuff. THIS is what makes it all ok at the end of the day! <3

iansmom said...

Love Love Love this.... you need to send it to Katy.

Tiffany said...

What a beautiful post Gretchen!!! I had tears in my eyes the whole way through! <3

Heather said...

God is SO good! I love seeing the smiles on Nat's face...he's such an amazing little guy!