Friday, December 9, 2011

Special Treat .... Nutcracker!

Tonight my children and I were offered tickets to go see the Nutcracker by the local Civic Ballet...

We ran into many dear friends while there. Some we have seen often, others we haven't seen in years.

The performance was wonderful, as always.  

Afterwards the dancers were available to meet and take pictures with. These girls were friends of Clara... the sassy friends... very fun to watch!

Audrey loved watching all of the "real ballerinas". She kept telling me "I want to dance that role when I get great like her." It is wonderful for her to have goals!

This young girl was darling and very talented!

This dear girl I have made many costumes for over the years... I can't believe how beautiful and talented she is!

Of course, we HAD to meet the Clara!

Our good friends Marcus and Chaela with an old friend, Virginia, whom my kids and I haven't seen in years.

But for Audrey, the highlight of the night was seeing her director and teacher in a great guest role!

No, that is NOT adoration that you see on her face... nope not much at all!

It was great fun to see Ryan perform. He is a very talented man. And it was great for Audrey to see him perform, I think it will teach her more respect for him, as she sees what he does, and that he practices what he preaches!

All in all it was a wonderful night!