Saturday, February 6, 2010

and the preparations continue...

Birthday parties..... they are so much fun (or so I am told..) but man alive are they A LOT of work!
Remember the cookies we made last night?

Well it was time to frost them and decorate them tonight.

WHAT possessed me to do this?? I am NOT sure... but a bottle of wine between the two of us sure helped a lot.

They are not as perfect as the picture I am modeling this all after, but they are cute and colorful and YUMMY!

Next up cupcakes. I gave Lorena the cookbooks and told her to pick something that looked good and that I had the stuff to make. After many choices and much discussion we chose Carrot Cake because 1) I had everything for it and 2) Carrots grow in the garden and it's a garden blooms party. So Lorena looks at the recipe and says "serving size 12, we need more than 12 cupcakes right?" Ummm, yea. So we decided to double the recipe. Now I am working on something at the time and only half way paying attention, but I remember that we decided to double the recipe.

Fast forward an hour and I am starting to mix up the cake batter.
4 cups of flour
2 cups of sugar
8 eggs
2 cups of oil
batter overflowing mixing bowl


I look back at the recipe... it is for CAKE not cupcakes!

Man do we get the giggles BAD....
There is SO MUCH cake batter!!!

Note to self... double check what Lorena is reading next time :)


{april kennedy} said...

sounds like you two ladies are having fun! i'll take two sugar cookies and two cupcakes please!