Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Princess Audrey!

Saturday was my Princess Audrey's Seventh Birthday!

I can't seem to wrap my mind around the fact that my BABY is 7 years old already! I just don't understand how time can fly away like that. They are growing up in the blink of an eye!

Audrey was my surprise child, my gift from God. After two high risk pregnancies I NEVER thought I would have another child, but God had different plans. Although my pregnancy with her was far from easy, another high risk one to be exact, I could not be happier that she is part of out family. Many days Audrey is the one that reminds me how people were created to be.

I mean, don't get me wrong, she is in a TOTAL Diva stage where there is tons of drama, tears, demanding her way and just plain annoying behavior. And she is growing more independent and free thinking by the minute, but under it all is the Princess I love!

I love her empathetic heart. She has empathy for all things and all people. Animals she sees, people she has never met but knows are hurting, even papers that most would see as garbage Audrey likes to save and find uses for! Every time I see a glimpse of the empathy and caring in Audrey's heart I believe I am seeing small glimpse of how God's heart is.

Audrey is passionate too. She loves to preform, especially dancing and singing right now. But really anything that makes people smile. One of the things that touches my heart is that she sings me a love song almost everyday. It is the sweetest sound to this mommies ears!

Another special things about Audrey is how much she loves God! Her heart is so filled with love and devotion to the Lord above, even at such a young age. I look forward to seeing how He uses her life, her passion and her heart as she grows up.

Audrey is TOTALLY creative and individual in her fashion sense too! I adore watching the outfits this child will come up with for herself. It is so cute, and she is so opinionated about it all! Reminds me of someone else I once knew....

Here is my Princess with her favorite princess....

One of the new things I am noticing about Audrey? Her passion for the beach! And I love it, because the beach is my special grounding place. It's where I go when I need to feel God most of all. It was my sanctuary during many of life's storms in years past. And that Audrey and I share that passion makes me smile.

Audrey is the happiness of my heart and makes this mommy so glad. I love her so much and want to wish her a


I love you Princess Audrey