Saturday, February 13, 2010

I have been in a complete FUNK these past few days, but especially the last 24 hours.

This afternoon was especially bad, but then Jon agreed to go for a little walk with me.

We headed out to one of my favorite places and walked the bluffs.

I, of course, took my camera with me.

I am extremely glad that I did,

For it was a gorgeous afternoon,

and God's majesty was displayed all around us!
The landscapes are always beautiful there,
and I love capturing interesting pieces of nature,

and the beauty all around me.

Then I kept seeing all of these COUPLES everywhere..
I mean I GUESS it is Valentine's Day weekend and all, but....

Do they HAVE to look so happy?

Of course I did have this dear friend with me...

and I DO love that profile!

I loved it 18 years ago,

and it's only gotten better with time!

Course this little guy had a darned cute profile too!

Ahh... but time to focus back on the beauty around me.

Standing on the edge of the cliffs,

with the wind blowing through my hair,

and drinking up all of this beauty,
I felt my bad mood slipping away and was reminded of WHO'S I am.

Then we sat on a bench and watched this glorious sunset,

and I felt some of my peace return.

I was reminded that there is still good around me, I just have to look for it.

And how lucky am I that I have a dear friend willing to endure my moodiness never pressing. He is great to talk to when the mood strikes, but is equally willing to walk quietly with me as I regain my center. And even lets me snap a few pictures of him too!
Now THAT is a blessing!


The Clan Piccini said...

Beautiful pictures, G! Doesn't make me miss the ocean, but it does make me sad of all the missed photography opportunities the ocean has LOL