Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wow..... what a surprise today has turned out to be!!

With all that is going on I expected it to be a bummer kinda day, but have I ever been surprised!

I got the delightful joy of taking my children and mom to church this morning. Being blessed to tears at worship time. NOTHING better than my darling son standing on the chair behind me, clinging to my back belting out my ALL TIME favorite worship song right along with the band!! This mommy's heart absolutely melted. But that wasn't to be all...

Next I took mom and the kids out to lunch, where EVERYONE behaved perfectly! Going to a restaurant with Nathaniel is more times than not NOT worth it. He often melts in those situations, but today he was PERFECT!

After dropping the kids and my mom off I headed home, but decided that I wanted to go to the cemetery to take my daughter Taylor flowers. I asked my friend if he wanted to go with me, and to my surprise and delight he agreed! Not only did he come with me, he got out of the car too! When we got to Taylor's grave I was SUPER frustrated. Someone had recently driven the tractor over her grave, all but covering her head stone with mud and grossness. I dug some of it out, and then went to get some water to clean the rest of it up. Heading back to the grave I saw my friend down on his hands and knees cleaning mud off of my daughters head stone. I seriously broke down in tears. Not only did this dear friend come with me to a place that my husband and family won't come with me too anymore, but he's down on the wet grass cleaning up something so precious to me. Again my heart melted.

I am amazed at the blessing God has bestowed on me today, a day that I was completely dreading! Now I am back to working on Nathaniel's room. The new behavior therapist has asked that I make Nat's room a "low stimulus room" so I am remodeling up a storm in hopes and prayers that the kids get to come home SOON and the room will be all ready for him!

Hope you too had a blessed Valentine's Day!