Sunday, February 28, 2010

I may be a bit biased.....
But I have to say....
I have two of the cutest kids around!!

I was blessed to be able to spend a "normal Sunday" with my kids today, thanks to my DEAR friend Lorena!!

We did lots of errands Like getting hair cuts for the kids... so good to be able to see Nathaniel's eyes again!.... mixed in with lots of fun kid activities.

The ducks at Laguna Lake were very well mannered today, and all three kids ended up feeding them. Love all those smiles!

Usually the ducks can be a bit BOSSY and scare the kids, but today they were good.

Have I mentioned that I have been into profile shots recently? This is a great one of Nat!

And an adorable one of Audrey... so glad that her curls are coming back with her new hair cut!

These are the girls that were scared to even go over to the ducks at first, and here I thought we were going to have to fish them out of the lake!

After Laguna Lake we headed to the fabric store (a total mommy stop for the mommies!) then to Emmerson Park. At least here the play structure wasn't under water!

Such a Nathaniel concentration face!

Lining up the perfect shot!

Nathaniel played basketball, and all the while the girls played in the play ground.

Audrey showing off her new hair do.

Monkey face Kaia (Lorena's daughter)

Full on pose from Audrey!

And Nathaniel FINALLY talked the girls into playing basketball with him!

It was cute to see them playing together so well!

I loved the colors on this shot. So cool!
And the girls playing one what so many adults fight is funny too.

And this shot shows how happy we all were to be together!
After Emmerson we headed to Micheal's and Dollar Tree then to OUR house for dinner!! Yum! The kids got to play in their own rooms, with their toys. After lots of fun and playing we got to have dinner with friends at OUR house! It was a very happy day in my world :) I am blessed to have two wonderful children, and two amazing friends that made it all possible!