Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Adaptive Paddling Day 1

Last weekend Nathaniel had a wonderful opportunity to participate in an adaptive paddling program.

My little water bug was VERY EXCITED to try this out. And I was excited because he has been seeing the kayakers out in the bay for years and recently been asking me A LOT to try it out!

He does not look excited at all does he??

Day 1 we met at the local college, where the program is run through, to meet everyone, have some yummy lunch and so the instructors could adapt the kayaks to the participants.

We spent lots of time (in the BLAZING hot sun!) so the instructors could adapt the kayaks. Of course this meant that Nathaniel made lots of new friends whiel everyone else was working! I LOVED that each group of instructors adapted each kayak especially for the participant that they would be working with. It was VERY individualized and neat to watch.

After the kayaks were all adapted the participants and instructors got in the pool to practice.

Everyone was very patient with Nathaniel and he had a blast.

They did make the mistake of telling Nathaniel he could get out of the pool whenever he was ready. Didn't they know he would NEVER be ready????

So around and around he went!

Taking all three of his instructors on turns with him...

And then someone gave him the idea that he could RACE other people in the pool.... and it was ALL OVER. That boy is a racing fool!

To conclude day one I will leave you with this little video...
 make sure you watch the end...
SO Funny!

Stay tuned for day two when they went out in the back bay!!!