Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blog Spot Linkey Party

I am excited to be taking part in this blog party from The Blog Guidebook! Have you ever check them out?? I always find the coolest information there, and I totally adore Lyndsay and Sarah, who created the Blog Guidebook. If you have never visited there you should cruise on over AFTER you have read my post and left me a little love!

We are the Soares Family

And I am Gretchen!

My USUAL blog spot for this blog is my BED!
(usually in the MIDDLE of the night when I can't sleep, or one of the kids is sick, or you now... life always happens, right?)

So here it is... me blogging in my bed, courtesy of my eight year old a few minutes ago.
(I happened to mention what I was writing to her, and she decided it needed pictures to go along with it!)

I also spend A LOT of time working on this blog while in the hospital with this little guy. He is a trooper, but I still don't leave him there alone and most hospitals these days have free WiFi, so I can get caught up on lots while there with him!

And when I am REALLY LUCKY I get to blog on this blog in some of my favorite spots around town, but I usually work on business stuff in these place first, so there is seldom time for family stuff there.

I created this blog to:

Share about our family. Especially for our friends and family who are not so local. This outlet is an easy way for me to share what is happening in our life, and for those who love us to catch up with us whenever it is convenient for them!

I also share a lot about our journey with Spina Bifida here.
The good, the bad and the ugly, along with the joys and the victories.

It is my constant prayer that anyone facing the journey of Spina Bifida will stumble across our blog and see that we are normal people, walking out the path that God has for us and that if we can do it so can they!

I treasure all of my SB friends near and far and LOVE how our blogs tie us together and help us to stay interwoven in each other's lives!

On this blog I also love to share the pictures I take.

I am NOT a professional photographer, but I do enjoy sharing the moments that I am able to capture.

Finally, on this blog I share my heart for Jesus and the Spiritual path I walk. I DO NOT do it without stumbling, but I DO believe that we can all learn and draw strength from each other!

Here I write what is on my heart. Some days it may be informative, some times it is a major rant. Sometimes I share recipes we like, sometimes I even share a project or two. In the summer I write A LOT about our favorite non profit, Project Surf Camp. Most times it is my take on our every day life and how we manage to get through it.

I hope you have enjoyed getting a glimpse of who and what we are here.

I would love to check you out in your blog home, so please leave a comment so I can do so!


Unusual Girl Studios said...

Hi Gretchen- I would love to share in your story. I'm actually over from the linky party but I just became a follower. Lovely family:)

Cassie {} said...

Your family is so beautiful and you are such an inspiration! I found you via the Where's Your Blog Spot party and am happy to be your newest follower! I'd love a visit back at! :)