Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Night Yum!

So the question of the day is :

You have cleaned your kitchen and it is FINALLY all sparkly clean, now it's time to have dinner....
 What do you do???

Well you head down to coffee house by the sea for dinner right??

Well that is what I do when I an get away with it :)

And tonight was one of THOSE nights!

Sick little girl all day... and I mean SICK. Poor thing must have thrown up at least a dozen times. And Nathaniel was having a rough time too... He really acts out when he is scarred and this new infection has him really scared! He also HATES being confined to his wheelchair too, so he was having a VERY rough day with these two things combined.

Momma NEEDED a break, so Matt my Care Helper tonight sent me to go get dinner.... for over an hour!

Dinner was SO YUMMY (as usual!) and it was great to hang out on the patio enjoying our beautiful coastal views and talking to good friends. So relaxing and such a blessing!

If I could afford to I would eat here all the time!!

Love you Alyx and Good Tides!

Where is your favorite "go to" place when you have had a rough day?